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Learn to take care of the exterior of your home, including the gutters and painting
We want to help you learn about home repairs and home maintenance.
Ilyce Glink is a nationally syndicated writer on personal finance and real estate. Her mission is to provide consumers and homeowners top advice on how to manage their finances, reduce their financial stress and become knowledgeable homeowners. Samuel Tamkin is a Chicago based real estate attorney that has co-written Ilyce’s syndicated column for over 20 years. The information contained in HouseTask.com is there to assist homeowners with their household task of keeping their home in proper working condition and to understand what it takes to own a home and how to take care of it.
You’ll need to understand about cabinet repairs, lighting and other common house task as you live in your home.
And, why know know a bit of do-it-yourself while you are at it.

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